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PensaCAN 2018: A fun competition for a great cause

STOA Architects had the pleasure of participating in this year's PensaCAN competition, hosted by AIA Florida Northwest and Cordova Mall. PensaCAN is a competition where all participant teams build structures entirely out of cans of food - a great opportunity for architects, engineers, and anyone else with a passion for design to test the limits of their creativity. Once the builds are complete, the entries are judged, and all cans collected are then donated to a local organization for use within the community.

STOA's 2018 PensaCAN entry - Blue Angels

Visit Manna Food Pantries website - click here!

PensaCAN benefits Manna Food Pantries, a local non-profit organization dedicated to fighting hunger right here in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Manna is a completely grassroots organization - Manna receives $0 in government funding, is community focused, and volunteer supported. In 2017 alone, Manna helped 20,269 people in our community through various programs that they run from their three pantry locations throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

The STOA team wanted to build something that had meaning for our area, so this year we chose to build Pensacola's beloved Blue Angels. At this year's awards ceremony the STOA team won not one, but two awards - Best Meal and Best Use of Labels!

The STOA team is grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a fun and worthwhile competition - for more information on how you can support Manna or other events that AIA NWFL is hosting in the future, be sure to visit their websites by clicking on their logos.

Visit AIA NWFL's website - click here!

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