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Bellview Library Pensacola, Florida


STOA Architects completed full design services for the conversion of an existing 2,300 SF facility into a new library which will include adding an additional 10,200 SF.  STOA was tasked with ensuring that this small branch public library is designed to provide spaces focused on programs geared toward child development as well as serve as a resource to the local community for meeting and gathering. The project revolves around reusing an existing bank building at the site due to a limited budget and maintaining existing site elements of parking and landscaping so that sitework costs could be minimized and an area of large old growth oak trees preserved. The library will include adult and children’s reading rooms, large and small meeting spaces, teen rooms, and computer areas.

The STOA Team was tasked with reviewing the existing facility, programming for its use, preparing construction documents, bidding assistance, and construction administration. Civil design will also be required for the expanded space and required storm water system.

Size:  12,500 SF

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