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Tiger Point Community Center, Gulf Breeze, Florida


The Tiger Point Community Center is recognized by the American Institute of Architects for its design excellence and has received two AIA Design Awards. The community center is located in a very large, active public park that serves the local neighborhoods.  The park is used year-round for sports leagues, community groups, and is a major public activity center for the neighborhoods.  Over time, as the neighborhoods have grown, so too has the park.  The increased growth and activity of the park occurred without the proper building facilities or central space to serve the sports leagues and neighborhood groups.  The new community center now serves as an icon by providing the meeting spaces and support spaces needed to unify and enhance the park and surrounding neighborhoods.   In addition to providing public space and highlighting the local community pride, the new community center performs a civic role for the county by providing space for county government meetings and serving as a voting precinct. The multi-purpose space also has state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment allowing it to serve as a broadcast-ready venue for county government proceedings. 

Size: 4,700 SF

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