Starship Barracks Renovation Projects, Fort Jackson, South Carolina / Fort Benning, Georgia

The Starship Barracks renovation projects were the second phase of each facility’s revitalization and involved the interior and exterior renovation/repair of 210,000+ sq. ft. of the existing barracks portion of each facility including five two-floor sleeping bays, Cadre, Training area, Classrooms, Latrines, Laundry, Arms Rooms, Company offices,  and primary building mechanical, electrical and communications systems. STOA completed  the renovation of buildings 5500, 5422, and 5482 at Fort Jackson and the renovation of building 3210 at Fort Benning. While the overall scope of work was very similar for each of the four projects, building 5422 included seismic upgrades added during design, and some facilities were concrete-framed while others were steel-framed. Each project was approximately $30M in final construction cost.